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About Us


Hello, My Name Is Matthew Means and I would like to welcome you to Church Media World!

I have been in media ministry for over 10 years, and  have been dealing with media in general since I could walk. I have always had a passion for media and particularly the huge role it plays in our churches, and our ability to reach the lost. At our church I am the media director along with the help of my wonderful wife Ashley. Our responsibilities during a service include: 

Running live sound, running the church webcast, running the lighting, recording audio and video of the services, CD and DVD mastering and production, posting videos of the services on the church website, editing the website, ect. 

I think you catch my drift, It’s alot to do for one or even two people, but the key is you have to have a burden for it! If you do not have a burden for it, then it will only make an already hard job more difficult. But I should also add if you do not understand all of the aspects that comes with media ministry it can be very frusterating. I can not help you with having a passion and a burden for your media ministry, but I certainly want to help you understang a lot of things about running a media ministry at your church. The best way I know to do that is to give you all of the tools necessary to succeed in your ministry.

 I have created this site to give you how-to-videos on everything from the running a camera at your church, what types of microphones to buy in what application, links to need to know websites, and all things in between. If you want to comment on something I have set up a chat area that myself or others in the media ministry community can discuss different options that you can use in diffent situations and anything else you may have a question about. If I do not know the answer I will do my best to research and get you one!

I know a lot of people running sound ect. At thier local church are not equipped with the tools, or experience necessary to do thier jobs, but that is why this site was created! 


I hope this website is a great blessing to you, and your media team!

Now lets get you equipped, so we can get out there and reach the lost!



If you have any questions or concerns or would like me to add any videos on various topics. you may e-mail me directly at: