Equipping Church Media Teams To Reach The World

Welcome To Church Media World!

We hope that this site is a great blessing to you. 

My name is Matt, and I have developed this site for the church media ministry teams across the globe to use as not only a resource and tool to become better as a media team. I am a media director at my local church and I’ve come along way myself, but I see a great need for a place for media teams in churches to come and get informed about all of the equipment and techneiqes involved in being on the media team. Weather it’s running sound , lighting, video, web design, or even editing the services.

Myself I am filling ALL OF THE ABOVE ROLES.

But like many of you I had to start somewhere that’s why I created this site I want all church media teams to be equipped with the tools nesessary to reach the lost thus the slogan. I wish there were some advice that could give to make everyone on your media team experts, but I don’t. But what I can tell you is that the job of being on the media team at church is NOT an easy one, and the best way to move forward in the media ministry is to be willing to LEARN! I am still learning, and I have been doing this for over 10 years.

Most church media team members like myself volunteer. I have a full-time job installing professional sound, video & lighting systems in places such as: churches, courtrooms, schools, preforming arts centers, ect. But working with church media teams is the favorite part of my job.These folks are very committed members of the church, but a lot of times I find that they never really have been equipped to do their job to the best of their abilities. Most church media teams are passionate about the role that they play in the church, and are too often thrown into the role with little or no training or experience. That is my goal to help those on the local and national level to equip church media teams to not only gain necessary experience through how-to-videos, articles, and links to valuable media resources. But above all else to reach the lost through church media ministry.

– Matthew Means